Effective Rust Proofing Solutions


Rust Proofing – Stop Rust & Towbars

At Stop Rust and Towbars we Offer Rust Proofing & Protection Services

Our Specialists Take Care Of Your Vehicle,  Safeguarding For The Future

The Stoprust, Rust Killing & Prevention Process

  • We Take Your Vehicle After Rust Has Been Ground Down & Remove All Trace Of Current Rust
  • We Use Proven Rust Prevention Methods To Stop The Rust Coming Back Again

Rust Killing

We use a water-based rust converting agent. This product attacks active outbreaks of rust, turning the rust back to the black original finish. We recommend a treatment of this sort before applying any rust prevention.

Protection Plus Under-Seal

This non-drip, black, tough, wax-based and tack-free coating is recommended for use in underbody areas and spare tyre wells.

Top Side Cavity Wax

This pale coloured thixotropic, transparent material is recommended for chassis, car doors, boot, bonnet, sills, pillars and fenders and any internal panels.

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