Roof Rack Installation in Auckland

Roofrack Installation – Stop Rust and Towbars, Auckland

At Stop Rust and Towbars we are specialises in fitting roof racks and carry a wide range of roof racks and roof rack accessories to suit your needs.

We carry a large range of roofracks & can help you choose the best rack for your needs.

Our roofrack installers can accommodate the need for skis, kayaks, bikes, fishing rods & commercial requirements like ladders, skid plates or beacons.

Roof Racks

Heavy Duty Roof Racks

Our heavy duty roofrack range comes from Rhino-Rack. Several different styles & fitments are available to suit nearly any vehicle.

The heavy duty range can carry significant loads, having the highest load rating of all our rack types. Suitable for anything from pipes to ladders and heavier loads, the Heavy Duty Rack is a cost effective way to bear heavier loads.

Heavy Duty Roof Racks

Heavy Duty Aero Roof Racks

Our Aero Range is a more stylish alternative to the Rhino Rack Heavy duty range. with style & durability, these racks are great fit for casual users wanting a little extra carrying capacity.

Sportsz Roof Racks

Sportz Roof Racks

The sleek sportz roofrack is a stylish looking roofrack. Aerodynamic bars and no overhang means the rack complements the look of most vehicles. Whilst style is a large focus of this range, there is no compromise on quality or versatility.

Designed to be durable and stand up to New Zealand’s harsh conditions, the Sportz roofrack is also extremely upgradeable with Rhino Rack’s sporting accessories.

Ute & Canopu Racks

Ute & Canopy Racks

We also stock and install specialist roofrack systems for utes & canopy. These are all able to be customised to fir different canopy & cabin configurations. The range is able to be mounted on artificial gutters, track mounted on the roof mounted directly on canopies.

Once we have seen your vehicle or have a good idea of your needs we are able to suggest a roofrack that will suit best.

Multi Fit Roof Racks

2500 Multi Fit Roof Racks

Designed with the everyday trade vehicle and family wagon in mind the Multi Fit Range offers a quick, easy installation without reducing quality, carry capacity or durability.

Four different styles are available within the range so you can be sure that one will fit and suit your vehicle.

There is a vast range of roof rack accessories to suit your needs such as ski’s, kayaks, bikes, fishing rods and commercial purposes such as ladders, skid plates and flashing beacons.

Rhino has a great range of Roof Racks and Roof Rack Accessories including Bike Carriers , Roof top luggage boxes, Kayak Carriers, Ski & Snowboard Carriers,Windsurf & Surfboard carriers. Plus AlloyTrays, Steel Mesh Baskets, ladder Racks, Boat loaders and much much more…..