Roof Racks

Rhino Rack Rook Racks


For the weekend adventurer, these racks work seamlessly with recreation accessories such as kayak carriers, bike racks, fishing, roof boxes, snow and more. If you are after a rack to regularly transport bikes, kayaks, skis, and snowboards, or fix an awning/rooftop tent, these will suit you well. They have a light load rating and are aerodynamically designed to reduce wind drag and noise.

  • Flush and overhang legs
  • Comes in black or silver.
  • Strong aluminum and lightweight
  • Heavy duty rated.

*These bars do create some noise and wind drag, dependent on traveling speed.

Heavy Duty

These bars are designed for trades and 4WDing, with a huge rage of off-road and trade accessories available, you can easily transform your vehicle from work to play.

  • Heavy duty rated.
  • Overhang style only
  • Made from aluminum.
  • Comes in black or silver.


Euro bars are designed for basic roof rack requirement, recommended for light irregular use. They are ideal if needing to transport items that need to be secured down with ropes and straps.

  • Made from steel.
  • Only comes in black.
  • Overhang style only

Pioneer Trade

Pioneer Tray

Pioneer Platform


Designed to make it easier, the Rhino Rack Pioneer range is a world first for Rhino Rack. The Pioneer range is lightweight, strong, and durable enough to endure any environment and flexible enough to carry almost anything. This system allows you to take more gear with you and can have up to 360kg’s on some vehicles. They are the preferred method for mounting roof top tents and have a large range or accessories for every purpose.

  • Aluminum and fiberglass reinforced nylon.
  • Come in black only.
  • Available in three different styles


Roof boxes

Rhino Rack offer three sizes in their Masterfit Roof Box range. The boxes come in 370L, 410L and 530L options.

Ski/snowboard holders

Rhino Rack offer three different sizes in their ski and snowboard holder range. You are able to fit from 3 to 6 pairs of skis, and 2 to 4 snowboards dependant on the size holder you have.

Kayak holders

The Nautic range or kayak holders come in a range of sizes and load preference (rear loading or side loading). They are universal and can be fitted to most roof rack brand on the market. All kayak holders include straps for securing your load.

Side Loading

Rear Loading


Please visit or contact us to discuss options to suit your trade vehicles.




Rhino Rack have a variation of awnings and shade options. The Batwing is available in two sizes from 6.4m – 11m squared. The Sunseeker is also available in two sizes from 2m – 2.5m wide awnings.